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You will also need your 3-Bureau Credit Reports. Please order them from here: Click Here to Order Credit Reports for $1

Your first reports are $1 and you will be enrolled in a monthly monitoring system. Please keep your subscription active as we typically request new reports at the start of each round or may have issues with your uploaded reports.

All updates to your account will be in your portal so please let us know there if you have any questions. You may also reach customer support at 702-903-4935 or TEXT us at 702-664-8627 if you have any issues. Text messages are the best form of communication.

Our business hours are Monday – Friday 8am – 2pm PST. Please leave us a voicemail or text and we will get back to you.

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Please note, we do not accept credit reports from,, Credit Check Total, Credit Karma, ProCredit, SCRHug, MyFico, or Privacy Guard. We ONLY accept Smart Credit and IdentityIQ.