Do It Yourself Credit Repair

DIY the Right Way

We make it easy to take control and do it yourself. Remove charge offs, collections, medical bills, bankruptcies, inquiries, late payments.

We Make It Easy

We give you the exact letters to use, addresses, tips and resources to help you do it the right way. Our video guide will explain how to be successful in your disputes.

Complete Multiple Rounds

All of your items are unlikely to fall off the first round. Most packages do not tell you how to respond, but this program has you covered.

Letters for Special Situations

You will receive letters to send to creditors, data furnishers and bankruptcy disputes.


There could be many reasons you would like to repair your own credit. We are here to help you do so successfully. The letters we provide can be used to complete not just one round, but multiple rounds.

It is easy to find a letter to send to the bureaus, but when they respond back and the item is still there, what will you do next?


If you are looking on the internet, you may come across many methods of repairing your credit. You may have heard of the 609 credit method or credit sweeps. We've tested many of those methods and many of those methods just don't work. So what method works? What method can you use to send strong letters to the bureaus to get the best response? Factual Disputing is our recommended method!

Factual disputing is a legal method to dispute your negative accounts. It is the method you will get when you purchase our program. Our letters will sound natural as if you wrote them but are packed with strong verbiage.

These are our BEST letters that we use to get the best results for our clients. Once you sign up, you will receive these letters along with videos and resources to not only repair your credit but BUILD your credit.

We will also educate you so that you understand how to maintain and take control of your credit moving forward.


  • Investigation Request Letter
  • No Response Letter
  • Follow Up Letters
  • Debt Collector/Data Furnisher Letters
  • Bankruptcy Letter
  • Positive Tradelines to Apply For
  • Step By Step Video Guide
  • Bureau Addresses
  • Credit Monitoring Discount
  • Credit Laws to Follow or Understand
  • Tips to Build Your Score
  • How to Read Your Credit Report

ONLY $99